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Project Description
Make ASP.NET Redirects() easier to perform and easier to manage when moving, re-naming, and changing pages.

See the article Make programmatic navigation easier in ASP.NET 2.0 for a quick article on this project.

How often do you do something like the following:

string url = string.Format("output.aspx?ID={0}&StartDT={1}&QueryType={2}", Server.UrlEncode(id), Server.UrlEncode(startDate), Server.UrlEncode(queryType));

This is really cluttered. Take a look at the following:

Navigator n = new Navigator("Output");
n.Parameters["ID"] = id;
n.Parameters["StartDT"] = startDate;
n.Parameters["QueryType"] = queryType;

This is much more clear. The URL Encoding is performed automaticly. In addition, by navigating by name instead of URL you can move resources as needed without breaking other pages.

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